Post Your Watch

How To Send Your Watch

Please follow these instructions when posting your watch to us.

Along with your watch please include the following information:

  1. The postal address where the watch is to be returned.
  2. A contact telephone number.
  3. A contact email address.
  4. A small description of the repair/service you would like to be undertaken.

Ensure your watch is well protected in the post; wrap the watch in bubble wrap, tissue or a padded envelope to add extra protection. Place the watch in a jiffy bag, padded envelope or plastic box.

Please do not send your original watch presentation box.

We use Royal Mail’s “Special delivery” service to return your watch and we advise clients to use the same or similar services as you can insure your watch against its value.

We have sent and received many watches using Royal Mail’s “Special delivery” service and we believe this method is the most secure and reliable – you can insure the package up to £2500 using this service.

For added security and not to identify what is in our packet or parcel, please label your repair/service as follows:

47 Rodney Street,
L1  9EW

We accept payments, in the following ways, after the repair has been completed:

Cheque (watch is returned once funds have cleared)
Bank Transfer
Cash on collection

We do not accept any payments over the phone.

If you have any queries regarding posting your watch, we would be happy to help on 0844-589-9758.