Watch Customisation in London


Watch customisation takes your watch to another level! Perpetual-Time can make your already beautiful time-piece even better! Custom watches are unique and add value to your watch.

Our skilled watchmakers customise ladies and gents watches, whether it’s a standard diamond bezel for your Rolex a diamond dial for your Daytona or encrusted shoulders on your Cartier we will produce the highest level of workmanship at the right prices. All watches can be customised whether it’s steel, gold or white gold.

Due to the unique nature of watch customising our pricing is bespoke, just like the watches, so if you would like to discuss some of the options or require a free estimate please contact us and tell us which watch you have and the type of customisation you are looking for and we will be delighted to help.

Check out some of our custom watches below.

Rolex Daytona Customisation

A high quality, solid steel caseback is fitted in-house by Perpetual Time. The caseback can house a thick sapphire glass, letting the wearer see the entire movement inside their Rolex watch (one of many brands we provide glass backs for). The caseback also seals to 100 meters. Customers will have their original caseback returned, therefore the modification does not affect the re-sale price of your watch. Perpetual Time can replace the caseback too and doing so will be completely free of charge.


Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster can be transformed into a unique timepiece by giving the case and bracelet a PVD coating. The crown, including the helium escape valve, are original Omega 18 carat gold crowns. Furthermore, both the dial and the clasp are originals from the 007 Omega. The watch contains gold plated spring bars and has a one-of-a-kind glass back to display the PVD automatic rotor. The bezel is also modified to blend in perfectly with the gold crowns, including the PVD case and bracelet.

omega-cust-1 omega-cust-2 omega-cust-3 omega-cust-4

Rolex Day-Date Q8 Carat Gold